Saber "RaceHorse"

The handle is made of mammoth tusk, emphasizes the nobility of the breed horse. On the silver hilt and scabbard parts made engraving. Pommel handle a horse head, thanks to the fine work she comes to life ... And this noble animal's eyes burn red ruby color.
The blade of Damascus steel with an elegant pattern is decorated with oriental ornamental rosettes and etched the old Arabic saying goes: "Paradise on earth - the horse in the saddle." On the back of the blade chase scenes.

The possibility of acquiring only for registered use!

Product is in the private collection.

The author: Bogachev Anatolij
Executors: V. Rada
Damask steel: A. Umerov 
Etching: E. Bogachev
The materials: silver, mammoth ivory, leather, garnets,damask steel.
The technical of making: forging, casting on the wax model, chasing, soldering, etching.
The date of production: 2010 year