Saber "Cavalry"

 Saber "Cavalry" is executed in traditional techniques of classic weapons. The blade of Damascus steel with unique structure and is decorated with beautiful scenes of dragoons, made by hand. 
Ephesus has a classic shape, gilt highlights lines emphasize the nobility and beauty of the author's stuff. 
The pommel handle crowned monogram of Nicholas I, made of mammoth tusk. 
Saber "Cavalry" is the exclusive subject of jewelry and weapons art created for aesthetic pleasure discerning connoisseurs and collectors, made in a single copy and do not have copies. 

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Author: A. Pugachev
Executor: A. Pugachev
Materials: Damascus steel, brass, leather, mammoth tusk
The technical of making: forging, soldering, difovka, etching, engraving tool, gilding
Subject length - 1040 mm
blade length - 850 mm