Saber "Borodino"

The largest battle of the war of 1812 remained in Russian history under the name of the Battle of Borodino, and the French will remember him as "Bataille de la Moskova". In memory of the most bloody battle of the XIX century, in memory of resistance and unparalleled courage of our army, the master of "Russian Blade" produced a great weapon, absorbed the power of the spirit of a Russian soldier. Exquisitely decorated saber "Borodino" takes us back to the day when the general took a decisive battle in a completely unremarkable, until the village of Borodino. Napoleon, remembering this battle, often repeated: " The Battle of Borodino was the most beautiful and most terrible, the French showed themselves worthy of victory, but Russian deserve to be invincible." According to conservative estimates of total losses, every hour on the field are killed or injured about 6000 people , the French army lost about 25% of its composition, Russian - about 30%. From the French was 60000 cannon shots, the Russian side - 50000. Not accidentally called Napoleon at Borodino battle his greatest battle.
On the beautiful Damascus blade with gold imprinted battle scenes and Russian military standard. A graceful curve guard makes it clear that this is not a replica, but the real, artistic and at the same time dangerous weapon.
Saber sheath "Borodino" decorated with magnificent pictures made in the technique of etching. Holding a sample of this amazing art weapons, you inevitably feel empathy towards the great victories of the Russian army and pride for their country!

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Author: A. Pugachev
Executor: A. Pugachev
Engraving: E. Bogachev
Materials: Damascus steel (blade and sheath element), silver, ebony, labrador
The technical of making:  forging, brazing, difovka, steel engraving, polishing, gilding
subject length - 1010 mm
blade length - 825 mm