Saber Griffin

Griffin in the mythology of some peoples of the Ancient Orient fantastic monster with the body of a lion, wings of an eagle and eagle's head.
These mystical creatures symbolize power over heaven and earth, strength, vigilance and pride.
Damascus blade has a broad and two narrow valleys. And made engraving depicting mythological beasts. Pommel swords made in the form of the head of Griffin, guard - front legs and wings of the Griffin. At the fitting sheath made floral design on damaskerovanom background. Scabbard covered with black leather. The handle is made of black wood. On garde stamp Author: A. Bogachev.

The possibility of acquiring only for registered use!

Product is commercially available!

Author: A. Bogachev
Damasc: P. Pankratov
Etching: E. Bogachev
Wax models: M. Peteneva
Materials: silver, leather, ebony, Damasc
Manufacturing technology: forging, investment casting, stamping, etching, patination.
Date of manufacture: 2010