About company


 Company "RUSSIAN BLADE" creates an exclusive copyright art weapons, each sample is carried out in single copy. Our products are not only the art weapons, but true works of jewelry art.

Unique Ideas authors get their first outline on a sheet of paper. And validated in these sketches, finding clarity, in the end, with the help of skilled craftsmen work come to life as a splendid and magnificent works of art, combining noble blade, precious stones and metals.

Stunning aesthetic expressiveness of the image of each work, the amazing perfection of lines and shapes, at first glance do not give doubt that in front of you - a sample of high art, a unique creation, which is destined to go through any troubled times and shine through the ages, celebrating the unique grandeur and sophistication of Russian weapons school.

The company "RUSSIAN BLADE" implements its own projects, whose authors are talented artists and gunsmiths that are part of the creative team of Anatoly Bogacheva, has long received the deserved recognition and fame throughout the world.

Buying cold steel with the stigma of "RUSSIAN BLADE", you not only get a true aesthetic delight, but also make long-term and secure investment of their capital. You get not just a copyright product, and become the owner of a unique piece, it deserves a place not only in private collections, but also in museum exhibitions, and which eventually is destined to become a true cultural heritage!