Saber "Guard"

 This strong sound of their work is subject to the semantic topic of the defense and protection of state borders. Handle made of cacholong and jade, symbolize a border post. The mouth of the scabbard is crowned by the figure of the sentry guarding the border, and made of silver. On the blade in the technique of etching, the artist depicts a scene halt at the border, on the other side of the cartouche with the king's two-headed eagle. Laurel and oak wreath that adorns the tip of the sheath, symbolizes the courage and valor of the guards. Coat of Arms with double-headed eagle which crowns the Garda and another is decorated with Damascus blade - an indispensable symbol of the Russian Empire.

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Author: A. Bogachev
Damascus steel: P. Pankratov
Executors: V. Rada, O. Pas
Engraving: E. Bogachev
Materials: Damascus steel, silver, cacholong, jade
The technical of making: forging, difovka, soldering, stone-cutting work, etching, engraving, patina