saber "Suvorov"

 The hero of this work of arms art is the great Russian commander Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. All his regalia are difficult to enumerate: the founder of Russian military theory, generalissimo, field marshal general, field marshal general of the Holy Roman Empire, grand marshal of the Piedmontese troops, holder of all Russian orders of his time, as well as seven foreign orders. In his entire career as a commander, he did not lose a single battle (and there were more than 60 of them), repeatedly utterly defeated the enemy forces significantly superior in number.

Looking at and holding this saber in his hands, the viewer has many emotions and feelings, the main of which is pride in Russia and its heroes!

On the blade on both sides of the saying of Suvorov: “GOD WITH US! VICTORY WILL BE OURS! ”,“ WE ARE RUSSIAN! What a delight! "

This handmade masterpiece showcases exceptional attention to detail and unrivaled craftsmanship. The scabbard made of damask steel is richly decorated:

the top of the scabbard depicts the Savior Not Made by Hands; then an excerpt from the Decree of Paul I on awarding Suvorov the highest rank of Generalissimo. The dominant feature is the portrait of Suvorov. Further, the battle on the Devil's Bridge is depicted, and how Suvorov and the generals are watching the assault on the Devil's Bridge. The artist depicted the invincible "Miracle Heroes", as Suvorov called his soldiers. On the tip of the scabbard there is an image of St. George the Victorious - the patron saint of the army of Russia. On the other side of the scabbard there are images of artillery barrels, military paraphernalia, cities where Suvorov's victorious battles took place are listed.

The top of the saber handle depicts the Russian two-headed eagle.

The Suvorov saber is undoubtedly a unique and exclusive item that will become a worthy copy of the collection of the most demanding art connoisseur and lover of Russian history.

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Author: Bogachev A.

Artist: Pugachev A.

Engraving: Bogachev A.

Blade: Aksyonov I.

Materials: damascus (blade and scabbard element), silver, ebony

Manufacturing technique: forging, soldering, grinding, wood carving, engraving, polishing, etching, gilding

Product dimensions: the length of the object in the scabbard is 1000 mm, the length of the blade is 820 mm