Shamshir "The Snake"

 The main way to create this object served as a snake. Snake - this is one of the most important ancient symbols, which wonderfully combines a huge amount of conflicting values. Many primitive peoples liked very much this extraordinary mysterious creature, quite similar to any other land animal, and who regarded the snake as their ancient ancestor, made her a powerful symbol of life and magic power, wisdom and prophecy, the earth and fertility, protection and security, healing and renewal. Other ancient peoples, experiencing a panic fear of venomous creatures, saw them as frightening incarnation of the dangers and threats, the personification of darkness and chaos.
Shamshir - the main type of sword Indo -Iranian region, which has strongly curved blade. Shamshir blade forged from Damascus steel and is decorated on one side with the image of a snake, which appears effectively laid bare blade from its sheath. On the other side of the blade inscription in Turkish: " Breaking the enemy gladden your knife, let it be the owner of his ever- victorious." The handle is made of mammoth ivory. Tip of the handle completes the element silver, adorned with ornaments. Doubletree, is made of silver and has a classic shape and decorated with chrysoprases. This stone is a symbol of success, and the stone that brings good luck, not by chance, it was worn historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Frederick the Great. Sheath Shamshir, subject to the general idea of the subject, in leather and python have silver mouth and tip. This Shamshir win arms art lovers to its craftsmanship and imagination of the author, which was embodied in the subject.

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Author: A. Pugachev
Artist: A. Pugachev
Materials: Damascus steel, silver, mammoth tusk, chrysoprases, python skin
The technical of making: forging, brazing, difovka, study background, etching, engraving
subject length - 970 mm
blade length - 810 mm