Saber "Dedication to Suvorov"

This sword - a tribute to national hero of Russia and the great military leaderAlexander Vasilyevich Suvorov, who won all the battles in his military career, and there were over 60, and one of the founders of the Russian military art.

The blade is decorated with an artist: a portrait of a dominant Suvorov, thenengraved with scenes of battle and in the end made ​​famous saying by the commander, "is hard to learn - easy in battle". Bottom of the other party - are allnames of places where Suvorov scored his brilliant victory, the image of the imperial monogram, and the allegorical figure of the commander.
In the master used a new method - sheath made ​​of Damascus steel, which makes the subject of further refinement, beauty and rigor. On a silver scabbard partsRussian double eagle.
In this work the author has put not only his skill and talent, but also the soul.

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Author: A. Pugachev
Executor: A. Pugachev
Engraving: E. Bogachev
Materials: Damascus steel (blade and sheath element), silver, wood
The technical of making: forging, soldering, difovka, steel engraving, gilding
subject length - 965 mm
blade length - 790 mm