Hunting knife "Boars"

 Hunting knife "Boars" is designed in classical style weapon. Handle is made of walnut root, framed with silver details: garda and pommel. Stylistic decoration traditionally the subject, but not without the author's handwriting and performing. Silver fittings subject is richly decorated with classical Russian patterns. On the sheath in the ornamental vignette scene from running wild boars. The surface of the Damascus blade has a beautiful geometric pattern. On the garda embossed stamp of the author. An exclusive handiwork, made in a single copy and has no copies.

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Author: A. Bogachev
Damascus steel: S. Epishkin
Executors: O. Pas
Engraving: E. Bogachev
Materials: Damascus steel, silver, walnut
The technical of making: forging, difovka, soldering, etching, engraving, patina, kanfarenie
knife length - 285 mm
blade length - 155 mm