Knife "FlamingoFreaks"

This subject is the result of talent and love for their profession and inspired artists.
Knife "FlamingoFreaks" is made based on the drawings D.S. Walker and under the influence of strong personal impression of the author - Elena Frolova. 
The front side of a knife evil, rushing into the unknown, the flamingos with their heads and paws of vultures. On the reverse side - the feathers of birds exploded. Figure stick a knife in the technique skrimshaw, logically extends to the blade knife.
Blade with a complex multi-layer etching of the highest quality performed by the artist Andrew Koreshkov in his inimitable style.
Skrimshaw - art is a technique of engraving on a bone with a touch-up figure. 
A rare art of creating unusual and very beautiful pieces. For this technique uses the tusks of mammoth, elephant, walrus, buffalo horn, teeth, whale, etc.
Masters, who own the art, very little. The technique of very thin, tedious and complicated. First, the artist puts on bone pattern thin needles, and then overwrites the paint. All the work of a master does under a microscope for several months.
The result is a unique work of art, analogues of which do not exist. 

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Authors: E. Frolova with A. Koreshkov
Materials: Stainless steel, bone of mammoth
The technical of making: etching, skrimshaw
the total length of the object - 257 mm
blade length - 135 mm