"The Master of Taiga"

 Hunting knife "Master of the taiga" is designed in a classic weaponstyle. Handle is made from solid walnut root, framed with silver details: Garden and pommel.
Stylistic decoration traditionally the subject, but not without the author's handwriting and performing.
Sheath made ​​from a single sheet of silver and decorated with a scene depicting a bear and a hunting dog. Hunting scene in the vignette is made with a fancy floral designs.
The blade of Damascus steel has an unusual geometric pattern.
Fixture has a silver mark on the blade of the author and stamp engraver.
An exclusive hand work, made in a single copy and has no copies.

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Author: A. Bogachev
Damascus steel:
J. Sarkisyan
O. Pas
E. Bogachev
Damascus steel, silver, walnut
The technical of making:
forging, difovka, soldering, etching, engraving, patina, kanfarenie

total length of the object - 355 mm
blade length - 203 mm