knife "Dogs on hunting"

Hunting knife "Dogs on hunting" designed in the classical style of weapon. The handle is made from solid walnut root, framed with silver details: garda and pommel.
Stylistic decorations are traditionally the subject, but not devoid of author's and executor's handwriting. 
Sheath made from a single sheet of silver and decorated with an engraving of two hunting dogs chasing the game. The hunting scene is made in the vignette with a fancy floral ornaments.
Blade of Damascus steel has an unusual geometric pattern.
On the silver fittings has the stamp of the author and the stamp on the blade of a blacksmith.

The possibility of acquiring only for registered users.

Product is in the private collection.

Author: Anatolij Bogachev
Damascus steel:
Sergey Epishkin
Oleg Pas
Egor Bogachev
Damascus steel, silver, walnut.
The technical of making:
forging, difovka, soldering, etching, engraving, patina, applying niello